Will Salman Khan’s movie Radhe release online


Locks are currently hanging in the cinema. Shooting has stopped. It will take time for the situation to become normal. Even if theaters started, it is not certain whether the audience will return to the cinema as before or wait.
The release of new films will be postponed until the audience arrives in theaters in large numbers. After all, who would want to take such a big risk?

Meanwhile, the producers of many short films are planning to release their films online. They make films with interest. Interest is increasing as the film is not released. In such a situation, they can also earn a little profit by releasing the film on the OTT platform.

Such things are also being heard about big films. It was discussed a few days ago that Akshay Kumar’s Suryavanshi and Ranveer Singh’s 83 are being released online. A considerable amount of money was also offered in return.

Although the producers of these two films denied this, they also said that they can consider their decision if the situation is not resolved for 6 months.

Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhey’ was also to be released on Eid, but due to Corona virus, the shooting is stuck. There is not much work left of the film.

It is being heard about the film that it can be released online. However, no official announcement has been made yet. Even Salman Khan knows how important theater business is. They rarely do theaters.


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