Why are viewers feeling cheated after watching Shikara?


Trailers are made for this reason only to give a glimpse of the film, story, acting, action etc. The audience is mentally prepared based on the kind of film they are going to watch. Some discerning viewers decide by watching the trailer that they will see the film or not. That is why more hard work is done on the trailer than the film.

When the trailer of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ‘Shikara’ was released, there was a glimpse in the trailer that it is the story of Kashmiri Pandits who had to leave Kashmir under compulsion 30 years ago. So it was easy to guess that the film is based on this issue.

During the first publicity of the release, Vidhu said that she had made this film for her mother, who also had to leave Kashmir and she could never go there again. The story of injustice and pain of Kashmiri Pandits and their pain is in this film, it is felt by the words of Vidhu.

The audience was cheated after watching ‘Shikara’. He realized that the goods were shown some more and the pack was made some more. The film depicts a love story that spans 30 years. There is no objection to the love story, but the backdrop of this love story has a Kashmiri Pandit issue.

It should have been that there was to be a love story in the backdrop of the Kashmiri Pandits issue. The issue of Kashmiri Pandits was suppressed. The story of injustice and pain that happened to him did not emerge.

On any issue, a film is made so that such things related to that issue are brought out, which very few people know. That’s why a lot of research is done, but nothing new is known in ‘Shikara’.

The things shown in this film are such that everyone knows. Kashmiri Pandits were threatened and left Kashmir. Why was this done? Why were some people angry? What was the role of Pakistan in this? Why the then government could not control the situation? Why Kashmiri Pandits have not got justice so far?

All these questions remained unanswered. Even if you get answers, superficial. In such a situation, it seems right to flare up.


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