Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson set an example of friendship.


Hamilton. Often in the cricket field when the captains of both the teams consider each other as bitter enemies but their rivalry is not seen after the field. Probably Pakistan would have been such a team for India, whose captain would have avoided avoiding friendship even outside the Indian captain, but there are some captains whose examples of friendship are given. Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson set the same example.

Virat Kohli was resting and captaining Rohit Sharma when the Indian cricket team was playing the fifth and last T20 match at Mount Monganui. The regular captain of the New Zealand team was sitting shoulder to shoulder in the third T20 match and Tim Southee was made the acting captain for the fourth and fifth matches.

Friendship like Jai and Veeru: Since Virat and Williamson were not in the match, both of them enjoyed the match. Seeing both of them together also made people feel good because there was no tension here, but for those who know them closely, the film was a friendship like Jai and Veeru in the film ‘Sholay’.

No wrinkles on the face: Captain Kane Williamson had no wrinkles on his face even after the New Zealand team lost the T20 matches by 50. He said that Virat’s team was better than us and the credit he won on the field should be given to him and the young players. Now the friendship between the captains of both the teams ..

First met in 2008 semi-final: The story of the friendship between Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson is 12 years old. The two cricketers first met in the semi-finals of the ICC Under-19 when the match was played on 27 February 2008 in Kuala Lumpur. Virat was the captain of the Indian team and Kane Williamson was the captain of the New Zealand team.

India won by Duckworth-Lewis rule: Kane Williamson won the toss and decided to bat first and the team scored 205 runs losing 8 wickets in 50 overs. Due to the rain, the Duckworth-Lewis rule was implemented in which India reached the target of 191 in 43 overs. India achieved this target by losing 7 wickets in 41.3 overs.

Outside each other: The highlight of the match was that Captain Williamson came out as the opener and when he had scored 37 runs from 80 balls, he was dismissed by wicketkeeper Goswami off the bowler Virat Kohli. . When India got to bat, then Virat Kohli was caught by Williamson and accounted for. Virat had scored 43 runs from 53 balls.

A friendship for 12 years: India won the semi-final match by 3 wickets with 9 balls to spare under the Duckworth-Lewis rule. Since this match, the seeds of friendship between Virat and Williamson have sprouted and today this friendship continues even after almost 12 years. Both of them appreciate each other and congratulate each other on the excellent batting.


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