Punjabi ringtone latest Punjabi MP3 song ringtone download.


punjabi ringtone:-

Punjabi ringtone
Punjabi ringtone
Punjabi ringtone
Punjabi ringtone

So guys in today topic i am sharing you latest Punjabi ringtone MP3 download.

Punjabi music information:- so guys if you know that Punjab is the India’s most historical city. and Punjab are so propeller for there latest Punjabi songs and dances and movie .

And you also know that Garu randham is the Punjab singer and he is now India,s most popular singer in the world.

Punjabi propeller music and ringtone:-

This is a list of some Punjabi propeller music.

(1) Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi

(2) High Rated Gabru

(3) Bamb
(4) Laembadgini
(5) Udaarian
(6)Bapu Zimidar
(7) Wang Da Naap
(8) Wakhra Swag
(9) Mere Wala Sardar
(10) Punjabi Mashup
(11) Punjabi Mashup
(12) Hostel

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Punjabi ringtone
Punjabi ringtone

So guys in today blog i am sharing you some propeller Punjabi music and ringtone for you.

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Punjabi history of music:- Punjabi music release in 1889 and it’s grow by year by year and it’s been so propeller .by year by year.

Some information about Punjabi songs and ringtone:- Punjab) is a combination of two Persian words “Panj” and “Ab”. Panj means five and Ab means water. It means. Five Rivers Territory | Punjab came into existence on 1 November 1966. Its Hindi speaking area was included in Haryana and hilly region Himachal Pradesh. The most sacred place for Sikhs is the Golden Temple located in Amritsar. Now let’s get you started with important facts from Punjab.

800-400 years before Christ, Punjab was called Trigart on which the Katoch kings ruled.

Indus Valley Civilization also mentions Rupar, a city in the Punjab region.

Punjab was once part of Indo-Iranian region.

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Many dynasties were ruled by ancient dynasties including Greeks, Mauryas, Kushans, Shakas, Guptas.

In medieval days, this region remained under the suzerainty of the Muslim rulers.

Here Gajnavi, Khilji, Gauri, Tughlaq, Lodi and Mughal dynasty were empowered.

Sikhism (Sikh Religion) emerged and developed in Punjab in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Gurunanak Dev ji established Sikhism in Punjab. He was followed by nine Gurus here.

Guru Angad composed the Gurmukhi script. Guru Ramdas established the city of Amritsar.

Guru Arjun Dev compiled the Adi Granth. Guru Gobind Singh gave military education to the Sikhs.

After two wars between the British and the Sikhs, in 1849 the province of Punjab came under British rule.

At the time of Partition of India, the state of Punjab was divided into two parts, East Punjab came to India.

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The state of Punjab was formed by incorporating both Patiala and Pepsu.

On 1 November 1966, Punjab was divided into three units.

Punjab which included Punjabi speaking areas. Haryana which included Hindi speaking district and Kharad tehsil.

Chandigarh was made its capital. The same mountainous areas were merged in Himachal Pradesh.

Agriculture is the mainstay of Punjab’s economy. The GDP of Punjab is 3.17 lakh crores.

86 percent of the geographical area is cultivated.

Rice and wheat are the main crops here. Apart from this, maize, gram, dale, sugarcane, oilseeds, potato, mushroom, honey, chilli and cotton are also produced.

The state manufactures auto parts, hosiery garments, bicycles, surgery goods, sporting goods, vegetable oils, tractors, chemicals, medicines, machineries, electronic goods.

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Folk songs, dance fairs and festivals of love and war, dance, music and literature are the characteristics of the cultural life of this state. The origins of Punjabi literature can be attributed to the mystic and religious couplets of the 13th-century Muslim Sufi saint Sheikh Farid and the founder of the Sikh Panth, Guru Nanak of the 15th-16th centuries. Who first widely used the Punjabi language as a medium of poetic expression. Waris Shah’s role in enriching Punjabi literature in the late 18th century is incomparable. In the early 20th century, Punjabi literature entered the modern era with the writings of poet and writing brother Veerasingh and poets Puran Singh and Dhani Ram Chaitrik. In recent years, the role of various writers, poets and novelists portraying various aspects of Punjabi culture is also important. The most famous of the poets were Mohan Singh Mahir and Shiv Kumar Batalvi; Among the novelists are Jaswatsinh Kanwal, Gurdial Singh and Sohan Singh Sheetal; Kulwant Singh Virk is a noted writer. One of the best novels depicting the rural life of Punjab is Gyani Gurdit Singh’s Mera Pind, a masterpiece of Punjabi literature.

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The Indian state of Punjab was formed at the time of partition of India in 1947, at which time Punjab was being divided into India and Pakistan. The Muslim western part of most of the province was included in the Punjab province of Pakistan and the Sikh eastern part was included in the Indian state of Punjab. Many riots and movements took place after Partition, as many Sikhs and Muslims lived in the West and many Muslims lived in the East. Many small Punjabi provincial states like Patiala were also made part of Indian Punjab.

Two independent states were created in 1950: the former Raja province was included in Punjab, while the provincial states named Patiala, Nabha, Kapurthala, Malerkotla, Jind, Faridkot and Kalsia were given new states by Patiala and East Punjab State Union (PEPSU). Included in Himachal Pradesh was established as a Union Territory by including several provincial states and Kangra district. In 1956, PEPSU was incorporated into Punjab and many northern districts of Punjab were included in Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas.

Districts of Punjab State – Districts of Punjab State

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There are a total of 22 districts in the state of Punjab. Punjab is divided into three regions namely Malwa, Majha and Doaba. There are 11 districts in the Malwa region of Punjab. The main districts of the region are Ludhiana, Mohali, Sangrur, Bhatinda, and Patiala. Pathankot, Amritsar and Durdaspur are included in Majha district. The Doaba region of Punjab includes Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Nawanshahar and Kapurthala.

Religion of Punjab state

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Today, people of Sikhism live in most of the region of Punjab, which originated from the education of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. Mostly Hindu people live in the state, but enough people of Muslim religion also live here. Christian and Jainism also live in some places in the state. Hindus live in 2/5 of the total population of Punjab and people of Sikh religion, who are counted among the Scheduled Castes, generally fall to the lower levels.

Punjab state language – Punjab state language

Punjabi is the official language of Punjab. Punjabi language is mostly used here along with Hindi. Also, many people also speak English and Urdu languages.

Dance of Punjab state – Dance of state of Punjab

Bhangra: Bhangra is a form of dance and music, which originated from the Punjab region itself.

The Bhangra dance begins as a folk dance, which Punjabi farmers celebrate during the harvest season. Punjabi people have also made this folk dance famous in England, Canada and USA. At present, various forms of Bhangra dance are seen across the country.

Punjab Film Industry – Punjab Film Industry

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Punjab is home to the Punjabi film industry, also known as ‘polywood’. It is one of the fast growing film industries of India. It is located around the city of Chandigarh.

The first Punjabi film was made in 1936. Since 2000, many Punjabi films have been released every year, Bollywood film actors have also worked in many Punjabi films.

Food of Punjab state – Food of the state of Punjab

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The main thing of Punjabi food is the diverse range of cuisines here. A lot of ghee is used in the cuisine here. Some of the famous Punjabi dishes include Makki di roti, mustard da saag, shami kebab, tandoori chicken, etc.

Festival of Punjab State – Festival of Punjab State

Punjabi celebrates many festivals and many festivals are also celebrated all over the country. Bandi Chhor Divas (Diwali), Lohri, Mela Maghi, Hola Mohalla, Rakhri, Vaisakhi, Tiyan and Basant are some of the famous Mahotsavos. Apart from this celebration, national festivals are also celebrated with great pomp and show.

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Famous tourist sites of Punjab – famous tourist sites of Punjab

There are many tourist places in the state of Punjab. While all these places are established in various cities of the state. Some of the famous tourist places are as follows:

Golden Temple (Amritsar)

Jagatjit Palace (Kapurthala)

Rock Garden (Chandigarh)

Bir Moti Tiger Sanctuary (Patiala)

Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum (Ludhiana)

Bhatinda Zoological Park (Bhatinda)

Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum (Jalandhar)

Noorpur Fort (Pathankot)


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