Hanuman Viraje in Hanumangarhi, Ayodhya, Sultan got blessings. Latest news


Hanumangarhi is considered to be the oldest temple situated on a high mound on the right bank of the river Saryu in Ayodhya. To reach here about 76 stairs have to be climbed. The idol of Hanumanji installed here is only six (6) inches long, which is always adorned with flowers. Hanuman Garhi is actually a cave temple.

Latest news
Latest news

After conquering Lanka, Hanuman is believed to have lived in a cave here and protected Ramjanmabhoomi and Ramkot. It is also called Hanumanji’s house. There are circular bastions in the four corners of this temple complex. The temple complex has a statue of mother Anjani and child (child) Hanuman in which Hanumanji, lying as a child in the dock of his mother Anjani.

There is a story behind the renovation of this temple. Sultan Mansoor Ali was the administrator of Lucknow and Faizabad. Then once the Sultan’s only son fell ill. When Vaidya and the doctors shook hands, the Sultan tiredly laid his forehead at the feet of Anjaneya. He pleaded with Hanuman and then a miracle happened that his son was fully recovered. His beats became normal again.

Latest news

Then the Sultan rejoiced, revealing his faith and reverence – through Hanumangarh and Tamarind Forest. He gave a huge form to this dilapidated temple and made 52 bighas of land available for Hanumangarhi and Tamarind Forest. This huge construction was completed 300 years ago under the cooperation and direction of Saint Abhayaramdas. Saint Abhayaramdas was a disciple of Nirvani Arena.

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