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Birthday is the day of human birth according to the calendar. Birthday anniversary is usually celebrated through one’s birthday. This day is usually celebrated by a parent, relative, or person on behalf of the child at a certain date of the year. That is, the joyful festive atmosphere that is created on the occasion of the birth of a child or person born on a particular day of the year is called the birthday. The program is usually organized in the center of the children. Moreover, adolescents, youths and young people from different countries of the world are also observed to celebrate birthdays. In addition to ritual celebrations, the main means of birthday celebrations are greetings.

Happy birthday image download
Happy birthday image download
Happy birthday image download
Happy birthday image download
Happy birthday image download
Happy birthday image download

Humans with human qualities are characterized as passionate people. Originally the birth of the baby from the mother’s womb is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the birth of a year. Its purpose is to identify the child or person’s importance to his / her birthday, to identify the social context and to make people more familiar with it. Birthday is also celebrated to appease and please the child as a treasure of honor to the parents. Sometimes at the private level, birthdays are arranged on a fixed date in the following years, depending on the date of origin of an organization. On that day, the atmosphere of the organization is very pleasant and cheerful. Extra enthusiasm, enthusiasm and enthusiasm were seen among the officers and employees involved. When a person’s age is fixed at the same date and year, it is called Great Birthday or Lucky Birthday, Champagne Day, or Star Birthday.

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Give me today There was a time this day could not be remembered. Mama-Baba used to say cheat -Care not your birthday today!
In fact, we were brothers and sisters. Dad used to take us to the family with very little money from the small officer of the bank. At this time, we have to break free or forget about the day. Couldn’t really imagine celebrating with friends. Today, our boys and girls celebrate the days of jumble. The cake is unstable with no cake. And if you forget about Jamdan, you will make the whole house head on. As soon as the cake is brought to Khojpate, keep it safe. To celebrate the birthday with the children, it is now a practice to remember their own birthday. In fact, the child keeps the memory. Bow keeps smirking. Say – Go tell Daddy Happy Birthday. The two girls broke the neck by saying “Hey B-Day”.

In my office, ED’s greetings were also given on every birthday with gifts from everyone. Entering the office, I saw a birthday present with a birthday present. I used to feel great. Nowadays facebook, blog is bound to remember even if you do not remember Jamdan. With the opening of Facebook, the incoming Wise Friends message will inform you that this is the beta you are today.
Jammu is the beginning of human life on earth. On this day of the month of October, I was frozen. It is not as happy as it is supposed to be. Being free means sowing seeds as a result of death. And when death is remembered, the mind becomes dull. Understandably, Israel appeared. Simply fear. Of course, Allah and His Messenger have asked more than ever to remember the dead. It softens the mind. There is no love for the world.
Regardless of the dislike of choice, it is an everlasting truth that every soul must be free to die. The present human community is trying to forget this everlasting truth. And for this reason they are drowning in the seduction of luxury. But if you forget about death, will all the problems be solved? For such a joyful day of cake, I forgot to cut the cake and forget about the hullora for another year. The years are going by storm. Hyatt is declining.
It is said that worship is the cause of accumulation in the sacred alcohol. That is, to worship God is to create life. Each animal lives in its own way. But human wealth does not perform its duties properly. He wants to forget the purpose of his adultery, like death. Jammu – whether good or bad, death must be kept in mind if Jammu’s madam enters the test. Completion of the test through death. If you do not sit in the exam and waste time writing, he will suffer. Likewise, as long as there is a living in the world, if people are wasted valuable lives, they will suffer the same.
If we make peace in the world, that is, doing good deeds would mean worshiping God on one side and serving human beings on the other. Hakkul worship means that the human being is entitled to Allah’s favor. This human consciousness can give people a vase of peace. If mankind ever remembered he would one day have to associate with his Creator. Then this good deed can be aroused by his release. Therefore, we have to embark on good deeds by respecting more deaths.

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If all of us in the world remembered death, sin would have been greatly reduced in society. Death means answering to Allaah.
The harvest field of the Hereafter in the world – Al-Hadith.
If we do well now in the field of crops, good crops can be found in the Hereafter. If not, then you will have to make a reservation on the Day of Resurrection. So take an oath in Jammu and from now on I will earn the satisfaction of Allah by devoting myself to the service of life.

happy birthday image download

Birthday is not joy
Life is going down
Thus one day
The wind will come out.

This is remembered
Taxes are good work
Finally to the Creator
Don’t be ashamed.

I wish you a happy birthday
As long as you live
Let me be the Creator
Closer to creation.

Birthday Poem 1
The sun breaks the shaft
The world is floating in the light.
The song caught on and on
The colt at the base of the river.
The trumpet went off
I will give the ocean.
The torso began to shake
Let’s go water friends.
The mind is happy with it
Today is your birthday!

beautiful happy birthday images
To this day
Everything is new,
Memories of happiness stay close
Let the misery go away.
The worn out past
Don’t think anymore
Work on new initiatives
New to this day.

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The light falls in the eyes
Look your eyes,
Call you tomorrow
Raise your hand!
Life is rhythmic
Dreams are colorful
Be full of love
Your birthday

happy birthday images for him
Happy birthday, happy birthday !!
The flowers blush with a smile
The buzz of the eyebrows is increasing,
The birds also sing the new tune
Congratulations on letting you know!
The tide of happiness is flowing in the river
The scent of the air,
Today you are having fun
All for you!
Be big in life
Owe the world,
Everyone will sing your praises
Will keep in mind forever.
Life is rhythmic
Dreams are colorful
Be full of love
Your birthday
Happy Birthday !!

birthday wishes images download for mobile
The dawn chase in the morning-
Lose pressure at work;
No exhalation –
The day is different yet.

Squeeze cups into the gap
Momentum measures time to chat;
What is the mind?
Understand what a honeymoon is coming.

Sky high
The mind is filthy;
Memory in the corner of the mind-
Breaking rules.

Today is this birthday
Agitated mind
Giving away the fly.

Like myself
Too many, in the midst of sorrow;
In the light of the six lights –
Good for evil.

Send the fragrance in the distance letter
Be good i want this
Your birthday –
Bazooka flute harp.

Birthday Poem 1
Many stars in the sky today, the day was full of sun.
Today, Josanna is more beautiful, the evening is on fire.
Today’s world is for you, it’s good to be filled.
The song will be sung in the song, the possibility of the future.
You have come to the earth to this day, best wishes to you,
So wish for a more beautiful day of uneventful digging.
Today is your birthday ……!

This sunny day dream for you,
It’s a warm afternoon for you to smile.
You love yourself, love all creation.
You have come to the earth to this day, best wishes to you,
So wish for a more beautiful day of uneventful digging.
Today is your birthday ……!

All the roses on the earth burst for you,
This poem is not a poem for you.
By enlightening yourself, you enlighten the world.
You have come to the earth to this day, best wishes to you,
So wish for a more beautiful day of uneventful digging.
Today is your birthday ……!

Birthday Poem 1
Twenty years ago came to this world!
The day you meet you,
From that day to this day in my life,
I do not know why you think so!

Good day to you, I gave love gifts
With these distant clouds,
Will go deep into your heart.
Although I am not at the border of your eyes!

Can’t surprise you all of a sudden
Can’t tell in the gentle light of the evening, hugging the chest,
My dear happy birthday to you
The aspiration was not fulfilled.

Birthday Poem 1
Open all windows that have been closed for 20 years,
Let the light come, blow your trumpet.
Don’t be afraid, I’m standing at the front door
Your insider guard.

I’m at your door on a strict watch,
We have closed all unknown paths of suffering.
You will live like a child,
Nobody can touch you, I’m Dashrath.

As much as the head of suffering still survives,
All heads will be bowed today.
Prove you’re just real,
Not a story made by a novel.

No more in the dark, the light is all around today,
All the debt of misery is over.
Standing in the desert of Dubai, I say in a vague tone,
Good luck with your birthday.

Birthday Poem 1
Robi Kiran was born with a new harp
His echo in the tanker
Your life mate!
Hope for a happy birthday
I’ll give it again next year
Desolate love

Birthday Poem 1
Come back
You are all colorful
At birth
On your happy birthday
I remember reading repeatedly
No matter how far away.


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