This photo of ‘new post Sundar Dost’ Virat Kohli went viral on social media


Hamilton Virat Kohli and all the players of Team India are in a lot of fun before the 2 Test series against New Zealand. This fun is also so that in the ODI series, a fresh start can be made by removing the gum of 0-3 sludge washing. The picture, which went viral on social media on Sunday, was very much discussed. This is such a photo, which makes one laugh at the sight …

Virat Kohli shares very few photos on his Twitter account. 12 hours ago, he shared a picture on Twitter, in which Virat, Mohammed Shami and Prithvi Shaw are making a bad mouth. Kohli wrote the caption with the photo sharing, ‘New post Sundar Dost.’

Actually, this selfie is taken by Mohammed Shami. The plan was that Virat and Prithvi would also make their faces in the style, but where Virat made a poetic eye and posed, Prithvi laid eyes on the wall while Shami took out the tongue as if teasing someone …

The purpose of all three star cricketers was just to have fun. This selfie was so pleasing to Virat Kohli that he shared it. Seeing this unique and fun photo on social media created a furore. Within 12 hours, 2.2K comments were received on this picture, 6K were received while 122.K users liked it.

It is worth remembering that Team India captain Kohli flopped badly in the 3 ODI series played against New Zealand. He scored only 75 runs in three matches. Not only this, Jasprit Bumrah, who is said to be the leading weapon of Team India’s bowling, achieved the status of the number one bowler of the world, he did not get a single wicket.
The first test of the series between India and New Zealand will be played from 21 February. Kohli wants his players to make a fresh start by forgetting the bad one-day defeat as a nightmare. This is why players are entertaining themselves according to their ability to freshen themselves up before going into the Test.


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