The family issued an emotional note on the death of Rishi Kapoor, remember him smiling and not with tears


Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor said goodbye to this world. After his departure, the fans and the entire Bollywood are paying tribute to him on social media. The Kapoor family also issued a statement in which they said that Rishi Kapoor wanted people to remember him smiling, not with tears.

The family issued a statement saying that our beloved Rishi Kapoor left this world peacefully at 8.45 am. He had been fighting a battle with cancer for two years. Hospital doctors and medical staff said they entertained until the end.
During the two years of cancer treatment, he was happy and lived his life freely. During that time too, his focus was on family, friends, food and films and anyone who came to meet him was surprised to see how he is not allowing his illness to dominate himself.

He has been grateful for the love he got from fans around the world. Upon his passing, the fans would understand that he wanted people to remember him with a smile and not with a tear.
While following the rules of lockdown said that, on the occasion of this damage, we feel that the world is going through a time of crisis. There is a lockdown and people cannot gather. We beg all fans and fans not to violate the rules.

Let me tell you, in September last year, Rishi Kapoor returned to India after getting treatment for his cancer. In the past, he was admitted to HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai due to breathing problems.


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