Sequel to Khalnayak: Subhash Ghai trying to know the present with the help of the past


When a man starts to miss or does not think of anything new, he tries to repeat his past work. The so-called ‘showman’ Subhash Ghai has not been able to make any hits for the last 25 years. During this time he has made many failed and bad films.
Subhash is now craving for one hit and is going to repeat his old work. They are going to make a sequel to their superhit film ‘Khalnayak’ as well as a remake of their first film ‘Kalicharan’. His work on the script is almost complete.

Subhash is at work during the lockdown. Mumbai is their training institute where things related to acting, direction and direction are taught.

Surprisingly, even after years, no bright star or talented director has come forward. Ghai talks to its students and teachers daily. Apart from this, they are also working on the script.

Ghai is now trying to conquer the present through old work. They have nothing new to offer.

‘Khalnayak’ is a mediocre movie. Today’s audience rejects this outright. Ghai’s name was at that time. Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt had stardom. The film became a success as it was a cheap song like ‘Choli Ke Behind’.

With this success, it was considered a great film. Perhaps that’s why Ghai is making a sequel so that his sequel can get a discussion.

Along with this, he is making a remake of ‘Kalicharan’. Kalicharan had little power and all the qualities of a commercial film are present in the film. But whether the present audience will be able to accept the film of that era is a crucial question.


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