Politics on IIFA: The people of the state will be upset and dancing people will become official guests: Gopal Bhargava.


Bhopal. With the commencement of Countdown of IIFA Award ceremony in Madhya Pradesh, politics has also started on it. The BJP has accused the Kamal Nath government of wasting the money of the people of the state for the IIFA function. He said that instead of worrying for the poor, the Kamal Nath government is engaged in film stars. The people of the state will be the official guests of the halakan and dancing and singing.

He said that people sitting in government are fond of dancing and singing like IIFA Award, then go to big cities and fulfill their hobbies with their money. It is an insult to the people to spend their hard-earned money on such events which the people of the state will not tolerate.

Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava surrounded the government and said that Dalits and Adivasis are being tortured on the land of the state, farmers are committing suicide in wait of debt waiver, unemployed youth are falling prey to despair and depression, citing empty treasury Kamal Nath government is shutting down the schemes of the poor. On the other hand, the government is engaged in its accolades in the name of IIFA Award.

He said that this IIFA award is a celebration of Kamal Nath government’s lack of money from the people of the state, the promise of Khalafi and the growing atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis.

The Leader of Opposition said that on one hand the government is crying out for the empty treasury and blaming the then BJP government that the treasury is left empty, but where is the money coming from the government for extravagance?

Taking a dig at the government, he said that even after 1 year the state’s Kamal Nath government has not been able to forgive the farmers’ debt.

He said that the government also spent 750 crores of destitute funds of the districts for the elderly. Guest teachers have been sitting on dharna for the last 53 days. They are being fired, and secondly the government’s argument that IIFA will increase employment is ridiculous.


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