Chhaya Pawan Singh and Monalisa’s romantic song ‘Diya Gul Kar’ on YouTube, got more than 50 million views


The Bhojpuri film industry’s songs have rocked YouTube these days. Amidst the lockdown, Bhojpuri songs are trending on YouTube. These days Pawan Singh and Monalisa’s hot dance video song is being seen. People are loving this song so much.

This song is ‘Diya Gul Kar’. The song is sung by Pawan Singh and Bhojpuri singer Indu Sonali, who is called King of Bhojpuri Cinema. Its lyrics have been written by Manoj Arthi and Avneesh Jha has composed the music.

The song showcases Monalisa and Pawan Singh’s rich dance and romance. Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is also seen in this song. The audience is very fond of this song. This is the reason why this old song is trading once again.

Pawan Singh and Monalisa’s romantic song released on YouTube has been seen more than 5 crore times so far. This song by Pawan and Monalisa is from ‘Diya Gul Kar … Bhojpuri film’ Pawan Raja ‘.


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