Mahira Sharma trolled on social media, trollers told- Alia Bhatt of poor


Contestant Mahira Sharma of Bigg Boss 13 is once again in the news. Mahira is being trolled badly on social media. The reason is because of Mahira Sharma’s daisy blue of Sholdan dress worn in the finale of Bigg Boss 13. Users are accusing Mahira of copying Alia Bhatt’s style.

Social media users are calling Mahira Sharma as ‘Alia Bhatt of the poor’. The handle named ‘Diet Sabya’ on Instagram accused Mahira of copying Alia Bhatt’s dress and style. Sharing a photo collage on Insta, Mahira’s dress has been contrasted with Alia’s Peach Color dress.

Mahira Sharma wore an off-shoulder gown in daisy blue color at the finale of Bigg Boss. On this look, Mahira Sharma created a fishlet hairstyle. Alia Bhatt has worn such a gown before Mahira during an award show. Alia wore an off-shoulder gown in light peach color. Alia also made fishlets with this gown. In the pictures, Mahira’s look is completely copied from Alia.

People are enjoying various types of comments on this photo of Mahira Sharma on social media. One user wrote that Mahira is Alia Bhatt of ‘poor’. While one described him as ‘Chhipkali’. Some users have also written that Mahira has done this on purpose, so that she can come into the discussion.
Let me tell you that Mahira Sharma became active in Bigg Boss finale week. Bonding with Mahira’s Paras Chhabra was very much liked in the show.


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