PM Narendra Modi spoke on Ram temple in Jharkhand rally.

Latest political news
Latest political news

Ranchi PM Narendra Modi, who advised BJP leaders not to speak on the issue before the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ayodhya case, openly targeted the Congress on Monday in the Ram Janmabhoomi case and targeted the Congress. He said that Congress kept the issue hanging.

Targeting the Congress at an election rally in Daltonganj, Jharkhand, on Monday, it said that the controversy over Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, had been hanging by the Congress for decades. The Congress could have found a solution if it wanted. Actually, this did not happen because the Congress always cared about its vote bank. Due to this thinking, the country and society have suffered.

Latest political news
Latest political news

Congress also hangs 370: Referring to Article 370 of Kashmir, PM said that Congress and its allies had left the matter of Article 370 hanging.

Many brave soldiers had to sacrifice for the safety of Jammu and Kashmir. The Congress and its allies are responsible for all this. But, BJP has fulfilled its promise by removing 370.

Modi said that the BJP understands what is the hard work, dreams and dignity of the farmer. The North Koyal reservoir scheme was stuck for nearly 40 years. Those in power then never made serious efforts to complete the project. But after the formation of BJP government in Delhi and Ranchi, the problems related to this project were resolved.
Atal gave Jharkhand: The Prime Minister said that Atalji gave Jharkhand to the tribal, backward, deprived society. Due to this commitment, he created a separate tribal ministry for the first time to solve the problems of every fellow living in the jungles.

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He said that whatever promises the BJP had made, they have come down one after the other. On the other side are the Congress and its allies, who only know how to distribute the Revdis. They have problems, we have solutions.

He said that this election is not only between the parties, but between those who loot Jharkhand and those who serve the people of Jharkhand. This choice is between two work cultures, between two streams.


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