Did the ‘secular’ Shiv Sena change the color of the logo to green … know the full truth of the viral picture …

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The picture of Shiv Sena’s ‘new logo’ is getting viral on social media these days. In this logo, green color is seen in place of his traditional saffron color. The Shiv Sena is also written in green. Along with this, Uddhav Thackeray is also seen wearing a green shirt in a green background. It is being claimed that this is the new logo of the Secular Shiv Sena, which will now be used in all the campuses ahead of them.

A Twitter account named Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has been written sharing the party logo – a new logo for future campaigns. Support and retweet the new Secular Shiv Sena. The picture of Sanjay Raut is also included in this account.

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By the time this news was written, this tweet has been retweeted more than three and a half thousand times and more than eight and a half thousand people have also liked it.
What is truth
The first thing to notice is that the Twitter handle from which that logo has been shared is a parody account of Sanjay Raut. Some users have also pointed to this by tweeting.

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When we did a reverse image search of the viral picture, we found a link to a video from the Shiv Sena’s YouTube channel which featured a picture similar to the viral picture, but had the party logo in saffron color and saffron color in the background as well. See

We also checked Shiv Sena’s official twitter handle, but we could not find any information there that the party has changed its people.

Let me tell you that there is going to be a mixed ideological government in Maharashtra, where on one side there is Shiv Sena representing Hindutva, on the other side NCP and Congress which talks about secularism.


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