I will come back, what are the signs of Amrita Fadnavis.


Mumbai. Amrita Fadnavis, a banker, a singer and a social worker, is in the limelight in media headlines after the resignation of her husband and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

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Actually, Amrita has said it through a lion without saying it directly. He has tweeted- ‘Let me change the weather with a lot of fragrance on the eyes of the palace, in Khizan’s zad. Looking at the political context and linking it with the developments in Karnataka, Amrita is expected to return to Devendra as Chief Minister once again.

I am in JD of Khaijan (autumn), that is, the conditions are not favorable right now. As conditions change, we will return once again. He has also thanked the people of Maharashtra for his memorable 5 years. He said that I tried to play my role with full capabilities.

It is noteworthy that Devendra Fadnavis was able to remain Chief Minister for only 80 hours in his second innings. Due to lack of majority, he had to resign from the post. Politics experts are watching Amrita’s twit with Karnataka. VS Yeddyurappa had to resign due to lack of majority after being the Chief Minister for 72 hours, but after some time the JDS-Congress government collapsed and Yeddyurappa got the Chief Minister’s chair again.

However, on Twitter, a person named Sandeep said that Vahini, I am very sad for you. You will not be able to do stage shows and parties too. Pallavi wrote that she will be back soon. Ritu wrote don’t worry, you will come back again.

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Written by twitter handle named Pandit Rakesh Sharma- Well done !! Greetings to your spirit, we are with you and we will be waiting for that moment eagerly. Devendra Fadnavis brother is very happy, who got a life partner like you. Mukesh Yadav wrote – Who did not believe in the constitution, the court gave him a return ticket.


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