Did this woman give birth to a child at the age of 101 … know the full truth of viral picture …


A video posted on YouTube in 2017 is becoming quite viral these days. In this video, it is being claimed that a 101-year-old woman from Italy gave birth to a child. The video also shows a picture of an older woman with a newborn baby.

What is viral video
In this video, the anchor tells that at the age of 101 a Italian woman gave birth to a 9-pound baby boy. The video further revealed that the woman had cancer at the age of 48 after giving birth to 16 children. With the treatment of a Turkish doctor she was able to conceive and give birth to her 17th child at the age of 101.

What is truth
We first searched the news ‘Birth of a child at the age of 101’ on the Internet, then found that many media houses had published this news.

Continuing the investigation, we did a reverse image search by taking a screenshot of the photo shown in the video, and it turned out that the photo featured Rosa Camfield of Arizona with her granddaughter. According to ABC News, the picture was taken by Rosa’s granddaughter when her baby girl Kaylee was 2 weeks old. This photo is from the year 2015. When this picture was first shared on Facebook, it became quite viral. But Rosa died on 30 March 2015, just days after the picture went viral.
Now it became clear that the claim being made with the viral picture is false, but since many media houses had prominently published this news, we thought to go to the root of it.
Now that we searched the Internet with the keyword ‘101 year old lady giving birth’, we found the first link to worldnewsdailyreport.com, which stated that a 101 year old Italian woman gave birth to a 9 pound baby. When we read the whole news of this, we found that it has written the same things as it has been told in the viral video. But as soon as we scrolled down to that page, we found it written-

worldnewsdailyreport.com is a satirical fake news website and the news of a 101-year-old woman giving birth to her 17th child is also fake.



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