Katrina Kaif advised about Corona virus.


Corona virus is seeing havoc all over the world. This virus has scared everyone from the common to the special. The impact of this virus is also seen in the Bollywood industry, shooting has been banned from films to TV serials. Many Bollywood celebs are spending time at home following the advice of health professionals and giving updates to fans.

Recently, Katrina Kaif shared some pictures on Instagram. In the caption of this photo, he advised fans to try safe measures to avoid corona.

Apart from this, he has also advised to do exercises and meditation so that the immune system of the body can be improved. Katrina wrote, I hope all is well. Please follow the advice given by please health professionals. Exercise and meditation can improve your body’s immunity. Keep the environment around you clean and be happy.

Explain that due to Corona virus, it has been announced to close theaters, gyms and swimming pools in many states of India. The release date of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif’s film Suryavanshi, which is going to be released on March 24, has also been pushed forward.


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