Jacqueline Fernandes on the old formula


Apart from the attack, Jacqueline Fernandez does not have any film in her hand and due to this she has started worrying. So far, she has not been able to act in any film that people remember.

She only appeared in films as a show-piece and now she is scared of ending her career. Though his career has become much longer in terms of talent, but now an army of young heroines has closed Jacqueline’s doors.

To keep herself in the running, Jacqueline has decided to open a new door. She will make a film as a producer. If no one is taking, then make the film yourself and take it yourself. This formula is very old in Bollywood and often those actors are seen doing it, whose career is clouded by black clouds.

Jacqueline will not only make films, she will also produce a chat show. That is, as a producer, he is ready to play his innings. If not a heroine, the producer will remain in the film industry on the same excuse. Well, it depends on how much she is able to sustain as a producer.


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