Is ‘Parasite’ a copy of the Tamil film that won 4 Oscar Awards?


Films and actors have been honored with the 92nd Oscar Award on 9 February. This time the South Korean film ‘Parasite’ has won Oscars in 4 categories Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Film and Best Screenplay. But now the content on social media for which the film was awarded the Oscar, the same content is being described as theft.

Fans of Tamil films are claiming that the plot of the film ‘Parasite’ has been stolen from actor Vijay’s film ‘Minsara Kanna’. For this, people are expressing their anger by tweeting on Twitter.

South actor Vijay’s film ‘Minasara Kanna’ was released in 1999. In the film, Kannan (Vijay) falls in love with Ishwarya (Monica Castellino). But Ishwarya’s elder sister Indira Devi is a wealthy woman who is against the love marriage. Due to which, Kannan disguises his identity and starts working as a body guard in his family.

Gradually, Kannan’s younger brother Vetri also comes to his house as a servant and his sister as a cook in the house. But Indira Devi does not even know that these three people working in her house belong to the same family.

The film Parasite, directed by Bong Joon Ho, shows the story of a rich and a poor family. In the film, members of a poor family gradually enter a rich household. They do different work at home and the people of rich family do not know that all the people working here belong to the same family.

On this basis, Tamil fans of actor Vijay are claiming that the plot of ‘Parasite’ has been stolen from this film. Although it is being claimed that the plot of both the films is same but the story of the two films are different. Where ‘Minasara Kanna’ shows the love story of a boy and a rich girl

At the same time, ‘Parasite’ has a story of a rich and a poor family which shows the difference between rich and poverty in a capitalist society. The story of the film ‘Parasite’ is somewhat dark in which violence and strange situations are shown at the end.


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