Irfan Khan used to repair AC during the days of struggle, also did AC of Rajesh Khanna’s house.


Bollywood actor Actor Irrfan Khan died on Wednesday in a hospital in Mumbai. He was 54 years old and had been ill for a long time. Irrfan Khan’s last film English Medium was released in theaters on 13 March. Despite the deteriorating health, the work that Irfan has done is worthy.

Irrfan Khan did not live in this world today, but did you know that he used to do the work of fixing the air conditioner. Irrfan Khan also repaired the air conditioner of the film actor Rajesh Khanna’s house.

When Irfan Khan arrived in Mumbai, he worked as an air conditioner repairman. One of the first houses he visited to repair the air conditioner was also the home of superstar Rajesh Khanna.

Due to this, the spelling of his name was changed

Irfan’s name spelled R twice. But do you know that there is no numerological science behind it. Actually, Irfan loved the sound that comes when applying R twice in the spelling of his name. This is the reason why Irfan himself changed the spelling of his name.


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