Hollywood great actor Kirk Douglas dead.


Kirk Douglas, the father of Spartacus and Paths of Glory actor and Oscar Award winner Michael Douglas, has died at the age of 103. Kirk has been a leading US actor, producer and director. He became very famous in the year 1940. He did about 100 films in his career. But later he had to leave the industry due to stroke.

Confirming the death of Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas wrote on Facebook, “I and my brother sadly want to tell you that Kirk Douglas has passed away at the age of 103.” He was and will remain a legend actor for the world.

Kirk Douglas has appeared in more than 90 Hollywood films in his career including superhit films such as Spartacus (1960), Lust for Life (1956) Bad and Beautiful (1952) and Champion (1949). In 1996, he was awarded an Oscar honorary award for completing 50 years in Hollywood.


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