First film release on Corona virus, this is the story


Right now the whole world is suffering from the outbreak of Corona virus. Due to this epidemic, everyone’s life has been in turmoil. Every business as time has come to a standstill. It has also had a bad impact on the entertainment industry. No new film has been released since time. But now a film has been released. The film is made on top of Corona Wire.
The name of this film is ‘Corona zombies’. The film has been released on the digital platform on 10 April. The film is the first film in the world, made on the corona virus. The film is directed by Charles Band.

Social distancing has been taken care of while making this film, created amidst the havoc of Corona virus. The film stars Russell Coker, Cody Renee Cameron and Robin Sydney. The film is based entirely on fantasy and fantasy. It is shown in the film that people who are falling prey to corona become zombies after death.

The director has attempted to show thrills and horror in the film. Many real scenes have also been used in the film. The film also uses real footage of the press conference of the big leaders about Corona.

It is shown in the film that a team is prepared to fight the corona, which on one side tries to eliminate the corona virus and on the other side also encounters the zombies. Only three actors are allowed in this film

Along with this, footage from two other films have been used in the film. In this film, footage of zombies vs strippers and hell of the living dead can be seen. The duration of the film is one hour, and the film took about a month to prepare.


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