Dhoni buttoned wife Sakshi’s shirt, photo on social media goes viral


new Delhi. Recently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni along with his family and friends enjoyed a jungle safari in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh. The news of the Dhoni family’s jungle safari was not as much discussed as it is now. What Dhoni put on his wife Sakshi’s shirt button in the forest, that picture became increasingly viral on social media.

On social media, a picture of Dhoni’s witness button was in the news on Thursday. On social media, Dhoni neither shared the pictures of Kanha National Park on Twitter nor Instagram. MS Dhoni did not post any post on Twitter after January 28 but his wife is very fond of sharing pictures.

Whenever Sakshi gets a chance, she takes to sharing photos on social media. He has shared 6 photos of Jungle Safari in Kanha National Park. Out of all these pictures, one picture is getting the most attention, in which her husband, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is buttoning her shirt, which was uncovered.

Even though the photo of Sakshi buttoning up was 6 days ago, it went viral on Thursday. So far 5 lakh 15 thousand 836 people have liked this picture. It explains how much Dhoni takes care of his wife as a husband. They do not ignore the smallest thing.

Dhoni is currently out of Team India and is spending this time with his family. Dhoni is spending holidays in the Maldives these days after enjoying a jungle safari in Kanha National Park. Dhoni’s family is also family of his friend Piyush Chawla and RP Singh.


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