Cricket’s T10 format should be kept in Olympics: Morgan


London. Discussion of cricket being included in the Olympics has been going on for a long time and England’s World Cup winning captain Ian Morgan suggests that cricket’s T10 format should be included in the Olympics so that the entire tournament ends within 10 days Will go.

Cricket was played in the 1900 Olympics and the 1998 Commonwealth Games. But it has not been a part of multi-sporting events. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games, to be held in 2022, will feature the women’s T20 tournament.

The T-20 is currently the most popular format in the world, while the T-10 is also being tried. Some time ago a T-10 tournament was held in Abu Dhabi in which Morgan captained the Delhi Bulls team.

Morgan said that T-10 in the Olympics would be called the best format than Twenty20 ODI or Test. It is best suited for Olympic or Commonwealth Games as the entire tournament will be completed in 10 days which will be right for the duration of the Olympics. Morgan, 33, said the 8–10-day tournament would also attract spectators. (Talk)


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