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Buying a small car can help you save money on dealerships and gas pumps, but it may not save you big bucks on small car insurance. When comparing auto insurance quotes, premiums are not always the ratio of a car’s size.

Dubbed a “fashion statement” by enthusiasts, consider the cute little Fiat 500.

With a suggested price of $ 16,745, the model has been the best buy for subcompact cars by Consumer Digest in the past four years. Since the absence of nearly 30 years, the Italian automaker has been re-selling cars in the US.

Investmentmatome compares auto insurance quotes for four small cars and a midsize sedan; The Fiat 500 bunch was the most expensive quote.

A small car insurance 2015 subcompactcalifornia average. Annual Premiums Illinois Average Annual Premium Vehicles MSRPsmart Fortwo $ 1,264 $ 1,291 $ 13,270 Mini Cooper $ 1,478 $ 1,477 $ 20,700 Honda Fit $ 1,492 $ 1,425 $ 15,650 Fire 500 $ 1,952 $ 1,649 $ 16,745 22,745 $ 1,945,225 Camry 2015

Methods: NerdWallet researched car insurance rates for 30-year-old men and women of major insurers in each state’s 10 zip codes, including 100/300/50 policy limits and policies for collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorcycle coverage. $ 50,000 at California PIP and $ 50,000 for MedPay in Illinois. We average the four lowest rates in each state. Your own rates should be different.

Sometimes less

Compared to the quoted price for a car in two states for a 30 year old good driver, the Netherlands. In California, the average annual premium for a policy with collision and comprehensive insurance was $ 1,952 for the 2015 Fit 500, along with higher liability limits for the 2015 Fit 500. That’s $ 430 higher than the annual average premium for the 2015 Toyota Camry. In Illinois, the average annual premium for the Fiat 500 was $ 1,649, compared to $ 1,589 for a camera.

The sturdy Camry, one of America’s favorite family cars, is priced at $ 22,970, about $ 6,000 more than the Fiat. The city of Sidon gets 25 mpg and 35 on the highway. Honorable number, however, is not effective at 31 mg and 40 rounds in the city of Fayette.

Cheap to buy, but insurance is much cheaper

Average quotes were lower for NerdWallet’s other small cars than the average premium for the camera – but the savings were not as big as you might expect.

The Honda Fit was only $ 30 cheaper, and according to our site analysis in California Kuwait, only $ 44 cheaper than the Mini Cooper cam.

The biggest insurance deal was for the ETT-BT Smart Fortwo. The small two-seater is 34 mg on the city and 38 on the highway, with a suggested price of $ 13,270. The average annual premium for a Smart Forte in California was $ 1,264, $ 258 less than a camera. And the $ 1,291 at the Elion, a savings of $ 291 compared to what you can get for a Toyota family sedan.

Why some car insurance costs less than others

When premiums set the premium you consider the car you drive, they show historical data showing the price of claims for vehicles or similar models. The ideal car for low insurance rates is:

Repair is cheap – replace it when done

Mostly driven by safe drivers, versus inexperienced drivers or speed monsters

Estimates can cause more damage than average

It is best to protect drivers and passengers from injuries in accidents

Budget-friendly small cars do not cost a lot to repair and replace, and may not cause a lot of damage to the debris. But everything else is equal, bigger, heavier cars are better at protecting drivers and passengers in a crash than smaller, lighter cars, the Highway Safety Insurance Institute said. The distance in front of the car where you sit, the better. When a debris involves two cars, people with lighter cars will generally absorb more power from crashes than people with heavy cars and therefore suffer more injuries. People in very heavy cars will usually pay better fare than a lighter car in a single-car accident, according to the institute.

Examining the smaller cars of the Nerd Wallet, Honda Fit is the only team to win the Institute’s Top Safety Pick award, which is the industry’s second-highest safety honor. The Fiat 500 scored well on four of the organization’s crash tests, but performed poorly on the “small overlap front” test, which showed what would happen if it crashed into a corner in front of the car.

2015 received the Top Ticket Pick + Award in the highest security honor from the Camry Institute.

Shop for a little car

Consider safety when you are shopping for a new car. You can look at the latest institute safety ratings by creating and modeling its website.

Then compare the car insurance quote for your favorite model before making an offer at the dealership. Our site car insurance estimator tools can help you easily compare rates.


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