I have a story I would like to do with Amitabh Bachchan: Anil Kapoor.


Anil Kapoor is an excellent actor and is still seen playing strong roles in films. Recently his film Pagalpanti has also been released. Here is a meeting with Anil … in which he told many things

About Pagalpanti
‘Pagalpanti has a brother-in-law duo who work together. I and Saurabh Shukla played this role. Jalebi used to sell first, then started selling samosas and gradually became a don. One day they move to London and settle there. But still they live from the heart of Jalebi seller or Don of Malad (a suburb of Mumbai).

Latest Bollywood news
Latest Bollywood news

Whenever India loses in cricket, they feel bad. They start saying that India did not lose, it was a flaw in the match itself. The clothes they wear are Londoners but have not forgotten their roots.

About anis bajmi
Anees has come up from the very bottom. When he was explaining this character to me, we were speaking and understanding the same thing as director and actor. There was a synergy

Anees has also done a lot of work in films. I have also done many small rolls. Sometimes he became a friend and sometimes did a small role of a hero. Maybe that’s why my and Anees get along well

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Role of majnu bhai
“My life experience helped me a lot in the role of Majnu Bhai. I lived in Tilak Nagar in Mumbai, then lived in Sion Koliwara, then also in Chembur. I have many friends there like Munna or Baban.

I lived with these people, grew up and turned around. When I was given this character, I related to him. I knew that there were such people.
Roll has to feel
“I have always believed in my role because when I say that my mother used to ask for utensils or my father was hanging in the train, the pillar fell, then I know how people hang in third class.
I used to change three local trains to go to my college in Churchgate. When I came from Chembur to stay at Juhu Vile Parle, I learned how to be classy and I became like that. I have shown the same form in Dil Dhadakne Do.
When you feel your role, those characters become memorable. Otherwise you can do clothes or hairstyle but you are not playing that character at heart, then your behavior is understood on camera.

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Film with Amitabh
Amitabh Bachchan and I have not done any film till date. I might have done one or half scenes together. I became his son in ‘Shakti’. I had a little role. He was in the film in ‘Armaan’ but we did not do a lot of performance together in that. Technically we did not do any film together.

Wall case
I tell my part of the wall. Danny was a good friend at the time and had a good friendship with Parveen Babi. He said that Chloé is the premiere of ‘The Wall’.
At that time, I used to work in my father’s (Surinder Kapoor) films. Sometimes he used to take breakfast for the actors and sometimes the mother used to go to cook the food. Sometimes he used to go to Koliwada to get food and sometimes went to collect samosas. One thing in our heart that our actors should be happy.

Latest Bollywood news
When such a boy gets to see the premiere of ‘Deewar’ and compares it with Amitabh Bachchan today, I cannot tell my heart. I have a story that I would like to do together with Amitji. Let’s see when it is possible.


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