Bigg Boss 13: Hindustani Bhau’s wife Ashwini lodged a complaint with the police, know what is the matter

Latest political news
Latest political news

Salman Khan’s controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ is overshadowed these days. Every day a new controversy is seen in Bigg Boss house. The same wild card entry YouTube sensation Hindustani Bhau (Vikas Pathak) is also very popular.

Latest political news
Latest political news

The fun style of Hindustani Bhau is very much liked by the fans. Salman Khan is also very appreciative of Bhau’s fun style. While he is seen having a lot of fun in the house, his wife Ashwini Pathak is upset outside the house. Ashwini is so upset that she has lodged a police complaint.

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Ashwini has filed a written complaint with the Khar police station regarding the false statements being made about her family on social media. In a letter written on 24 November, Bhau’s wife Ashwini wrote, ‘Many wrong and fake messages against Hindustani Bhau, videos of statements have been made. Some people describe themselves as members of our family

He is revealing himself as Bhau’s brother, uncle, none of them belong to our family. In our family, my mother-in-law, my son, my mother, father, nephew of Hindustani Bhau is none other than Sandesh.

He said, this letter is to show that in case of any misconduct or misuse by any outsider, we are not responsible in any way.

At the same time, Ashwini has also appealed to the media about this, they should not take interviews of fake relatives and do not upload wrong videos and messages against Vikas Pathak.


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