After Deepika, now Taapsee Pannu is on target, trending #BoycottThappad


At the beginning of the year, the protests of Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Chhapak’ started because she had reached JNU and supported the students’ prostate against CAA there. However, there was not much impact on the business of Chhapak as the mood of the film was sure to get less viewers.

There are 7 films releasing this week, one of which is Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Thappad’. Many shows of this film have been held and the film has also been praised. Those who watch serious types of films are also curious about this film.

On the other hand, the protest of the film has started on social media. #BoycottThappad has started trending on Twitter before release. A picture of Taapsee is also being shared, in which he is part of the Protest. The film is being opposed by sharing its photo.

It is being said that slap should not be seen and an appeal has been made to boycott this film.


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